From the Book of Genesis the war broke through the Continent of Bartan setting aside the natives of the land and destroyed every civilization that adheres with the old gods. Escaping is not an option in Bartan continent due to its seal, the descendants of the Catcha race learned to co-exist with other races after the Great War. With the outside influence from eldin and human they renounced their primitive ways and old spirits developing a new and advanced civilization. Quite vain by nature, their culture is yet unknown by some and their past ancestors still hope for their Catcha Kingdom. But their blood still flow with a powerful beast, infused with a dragon transformation they reign unstoppable at any enemies that blocks and hinders their way.


Catcha women are highly active in participating in the development of their new civilization which the eldin and human has introduce but the men still embrace the old religion keeping their beastly state intact. The continuous dispute from both side of the clan are an age-old problem and have not yet been solve by any situation, by faith Catcha’s ethnic friction lies within the number between sexes. Through time they try to set aside their differences and continue to raise their long lost civilization from the ashes of Bartan. Currently they are considered more civilized and superior on their own skillful ways.


Human Kali Eldin Catcha
Insigniagunner Insigniasniper Insigniaguardian Insigniaassasin Insigniaranger Insigniamagician Insigniashaman Insigniascout
Gunner Sniper Guardian Assassin Ranger Magician Shaman Scout


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