Since their life is shorter than that of other races, and they are governed by emotion rather than reason, they aren’t considered much... Yet there is an explosive passion in them.

Humans have established an alliance with Dwarves to overcome their weaknesses, and have been involved in the latest Dwarven technology. They can’t cast magic by chanting a spell but they have made it into a bullet instead and came up with a way to shoot it so that they can reach a level equal to that of an Eldin’s magic.


They have also made the toughest armor comparable to the immortal body of the Kalis. Their unlimited imagination and passion make them a race never to be taken lightly.


Human Kali Eldin Catcha
Insigniagunner Insigniasniper Insigniaguardian Insigniaassasin Insigniaranger Insigniamagician Insigniashaman Insigniascout
Gunner Sniper Guardian Assassin Ranger Magician Shaman Scout


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