Instance Dungeons are exclusive to Dragona. You can enter them with an instance dungeon key acquired through field hunting or trade. Within them you can collect items instilled with exceptional abilities by attacking powerful monsters through cooperative play with a limited number of people.

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Unlike the field where you can roam without restriction, Instance Dungeons are only accessible when you have an instance dungeon key.

Instance dungeon keys can sometimes be acquired from field monsters.

To obtain a more powerful item, you must defeat the instance dungeon monster within it.

While field monsters can be sufficiently defeated even if they are hunted alone, most of these instance dungeon monsters can only be defeated with a party or expedition.

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How to Use

To enter the Instance Dungeon, an instance dungeon key is required.

If a member of a party or expedition creates an instance dungeon, the other members can also enter.

You can enter an instance dungeon through the following method.

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Directions for Dungeons