Gunner Partial Transformation Set

Gunner's partial transformation will bring another level to its gameplay. They have a steady increase in defense with their Armor Application skill combined with their partial Albireo Chest, will make the Gunner a formidable substitute tanker for Shamans and Guardians in heat of the battle. Skills that target an area to inflict damage as well as de-buffing enemies will make a slow Gunner a laughing stock to other players, that is why activating their Albireo Trousers that increases their Movement Speed by 10 while in pursuit of their victim will make a crucial difference.But using their partial transformation's full potential at the start of the battle will leave a Gunner's CORE depleted before you can even say Happy Birthday to your 'ol man without proper investing in their Source Awakening skill. With proper items in your bag, proper armor and a winner's gameplay, you can release a Gunner's full potential as a Dragona using only his partial transformation.

Gunner Albireo Head


Albireo Chest

Albireo Head's ability to increase a Gunner's MP regeneration while in battle will be a great help whenever they need that extra MP to wreak havoc in the middle of the battle. Strong Battle Will buff that can be activated by using the Albireo Arm will increase a Gunner's damage output that will make him a great support tanker as well as DPS whenever you're in a battling a boss inside dungeons or pawning other players in BOC.

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Gunner's Albireo Trousers

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Albireo Arms


Aldebaran Full Transformation

Now, how about a Dragona setting the battlefield ablazed with his AoE destructive skills but with style sounds to you? Yeah, we are now going to talk about one of the most intimidating transformation ever formulated in one's DNA. The Gunner's Aldebaran Full Transformation will set the game into another level yet again. Now, while activated will give the Gunner additional Critical Hit percentage for his additional offensive skills. Imagine a semi-tanker character jumping into the fray and firing devastating shots after devastating shots. That's the Gunner's Aldebaran for you. How about the looks? Oh well, if you are not too much into bug-like creatures, i may suggest that you stay out of the Aldebaran cause you'll get a fat bug-like Dragona totting a rifle to all of his opponents. Kidding aside, when you see an Aldebaran running to you, you better ready all of you pots, cause you'll need it once it unleashes his shots to you and all of green-earth's creatures.