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Denebola Partial Transformation

If you're that player that fancies elves and magic, the Magician would be your character of choice. In Dragona, magic-users can take their magic into another level with the Magician's Denebola Partial Transformation series. The very first partial that you might considering to use in every battle is the Denebola Arm. Elemental Control skill activated by Denebola Arm will make the Magician's elemental attacks more potent and deals much damage for it increases Elemental Attack and its Max. Attack rate. Another essential partial to look out for is the Denebola Head for it will activate the Relax skill that increases the Magician's MP recovery rate. You can't be a very effective Magician if you don't have enough MP to use for your skills, so use your Denebola Head heavily.

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Denebola Trousers

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Denebola Head

Running from enemies or chasing after targets is still essential for a Magician to deal proper damage to targets. Denebola Trousers can help you with its Wind Walk ability that gives you additional 10 Movement Speed. Being a range class and a magic-user at the same time, expect that your HP growth will not be that noticeable unless you invest some Skill Points on Train Body that increases your overall HP by rate. So the Denebola Chest's Rest ability can really help you to last longer in the battle because of its effect that is increasing your HP recovery.

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Denebola Chest

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Denebola Arms

Another hovering Full Transformation, the Magician's Deneb. Deneb's appearance will be a shock to you specially if you going to look into it more. But appearance aside, elemental property attacks is Deneb's specialty. Skills that have additional elemental damage will make a swift kill for those players that doesn't invest on their elemental defense. Another skill that a Deneb user should use more often is the Refractive Cape which render a target or self invisible for a limited time. This can be used for ambush or escape depending on the situation.

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Deneb Full Transformation