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Hamal Partial Transformation

Scout is the last race to be introduced into the world of Dragona alongside the Shamans. Scout playstyle differs with the skills that you invest in, but Scouts reigns the battlefield with her traps. Trap deals damage but also add elemental damage with some debuffs on its victims which makes the Scout a formidable opponent in the battlefield. With her Hamal Partial Tranformation set, Scout will take speed into another level. Let's start of with her Nimbleness skill from Hamal Arm that increases her Min. and Max. Attack which makes her shuriken attacks more effective combined with her trap damage. The Relax ability that is activated by the Hamal Head Partial Transformation increases the Scout's MP regeneration whether in battle or not. This is crucial simply because the Scout needs MP for her Shuriken attacks and for her Traps especially if she's in the midst of the battle.

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Hamal Arm Partial Transformation

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Hamal Head Partial Transformation

Scouts are the fastest class in the game, it can be used as offensively or defensively depending on the player's playstyle. Activating the Hamal Trousers will unlock the Rapidity skill for the Scout that increases her movement speed by 12, combined with her passive skill, Quickness and her active skills, Riding the Wind, it's like seeing a visible ninja laying traps and throwing shuriken at you. And the last partial of the Scout's Hamal Tranformation is her Hamal Chest. Activating this transformation will unlock the Scout's Rest ability that increases her HP resiliency. Being a long-range class, expect her HP to be not that high, so an additional HP renegeration will absolutely help you in your adventure as a Scout.

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Hamal Chest Partial Transformation

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Hamal Trousers Partial Transformation

The Spica, Scout's Full Transformation will change her appearance into a much bigger feline avatar. The Spica's skill array consists of the usual DPS but the Bewitch ability is a cool addition. Bewitch ability decreases nearby enemies' Movement Speed, Min. & Max. Damage, Property Damage Variation Rate, Defense, Physical Protection, Property Protection, Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Poison Resistance, and HP Recovery. Just think about this, activate your Spica's Enchance Movement Speed that increases the Scout's movement speed by 3 and activate the Bewitch ability in the middle of the battle then move out, and you just made your allies a great favor. Another cool ability from the Spica is the Victory Banner that increases the owner of her maximum HP. The Spica's passive ability, Spica Sense not only increases your Min. and Max. Attack but also helps you detect concealed enemies making the battle with those Magicians and other Scouts on the same level when they're hinding.

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Spica Full Transformation