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Regulus Partial Transformation

Shaman is a versatile character, he can tank, he can deal melee damage and also heal himself as well as other party members. With that said, we can safely say that he will need everything that a Partial Transformation can give. Let's start of with his Rapidity skill from the Regulus Trousers Partial Transformation. This skill gives the Shaman additional 10 Movement Speed which is vital for a melee DPS for him to connect all those blows to his target with the additional speed. Another essential Partial Transformation is the Regulus Head that gives the Enchance Fortitude which in return will give the Shaman boost to his MP regeneration. Being the main healer in party, MP is an indispensable battle-ally simply because with no MP, there will be no healing.

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Regulus Trousers

2012 03 03 10 41 22

Regulus Head

The second choice of tanks in the world of Dragona. Having the passive skill Defensive Instinct that increases the Shaman's Protection and Defense is what you needed for a healer/tanker class. Plus, the Vitality skill from the Regulus Chest Partial Transformation can give the HP regeneration Shaman needs for the tanking. The last Partial Transformation, Regulus Arm that activates the Elemental Affinity skill. It increases the Shaman's Elemental Attack rate for that additional damage.

2012 03 03 10 41 28

Regulus Chest

2012 03 03 10 41 36

Regulus Arms

This is where things will get exciting. Who wants a Dragona that looks like a deity for some kind? Shaman's Dubhe does that. It will transform the Shaman domestic feline look into a more intimidating fierce king of the jungle appearance. Not only it wields a spear, it also comes with a free claw on his right hand and 2 extra floating hand hovering above his head. Plus that cool circle thingy behind him giving his feline presence a more majestic aura. Now, let's talk about the Dubhe skills, first is the Lion's Roar skill. No skill can better describe him other that the Lion's Roar, not only it will deal normal damage but with Poison Property damage as well decreasing the target's HP recovery. Other special skill from Dubhe is the Defeat Banner that increases the Shaman's Max HP during its activation. Dubhe is surely one Full Transformation that you will notice as soon as the battle starts not only with its appearance but with its abilties as well.

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Dubhe Full Transformation